• 2014-11-07 18:56:16 - Want to play at Bloodstock 2015?
  • Any East Anglian unsigned Metal bands up for playing Bloodstock?

    We will be running the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses again for 2015 – from The Brickmakers (main stage) in Norwich, with heats starting in February.
    The winning band get to play the Newblood stage at Bloodstock – the UKs biggest open air metal festival, winning friends, fans and networking with media and industry. They also get a weekend camping pass and other goodies which will be announced nearer the time.

    Your band must be available to attend Bloodstock next year, in order to enter the competition (August 6th – 9th 2015)

    Interested bands should send a message to this page (needs to be a message rather than posting on the page, so that we can reply to you), giving the following information.

    Band Name
    Contact name and telephone number
    Facebook address
    Band members names / instruments they play
    A short paragraph of no more than 100 words which describes your band. Extracts from this will be used for advertising purposes, so make it punchy rather than a biography.

    You must be available to play not only Bloodstock (if you win), but also be available to turn up in Norwich by 5.30pm for your heats.
    The competition will run on Thursday nights from the end of February, with the East Anglian final being in the first week of June 2015.

    Please share this to any bands in East Anglia who you think might be interested
  • 2014-09-16 22:39:14 - Get on the line up for this Awesome show...
  • So who wants to open the Norwich leg of the awesome Savage Messiah tour?

    About the line up:-

    Canterburys own Wretched Soul, described by Zero Tolerance Magazine as "refreshingly difficult to categorise", they were hailed in the June 2013 issue of Terrorizer Magazine as "one of the UK's most promising underground Thrash bands." Their debut album, Veronica, was released in 2013 by Dark Lord Records (distributed by RSK Entertainment/ Sony DADC). Produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Exodus, King Diamond.)

    THE MORE I SEE - formed in 2003 by original member Gizz Butt who after a 4 year stint in THE PRODIGY ,reformed his 80's Punk-Metal outfit ENGLISH DOGS for a USA tour and realised it was time to get back to the music he loved the most. Signed to Earache Records, TMIS combine a mix of Progressive metal , hard rock and punk.

    Savage Messiah’s 3rd album , "The Fateful Dark" was released in Europe and in the USA via Earache/Century Media, in March 2014. Upon release, it was hailed by critics, leading to the band being nominated for a prestigious Metal Hammer Golden God award for "Best New Band". The band also received the distinction of becoming the first Heavy Metal band in history to be awarded a grant from the BPI, and appeared on high profile mainstream media outlets such as Sky News and Marketplace, and on Channel 4 news with a performance and interview regarding the grant.

    How to get on the gig:-

    After having had a few bands ask to open the show, we have decided to throw it open to the bands and fans – who does the most work gets the support slot. It’s simple, as long as your band fits the criteria (below), all you need to do is ...

    1. Get your friends to vote for your band by getting them to share THIS POSTER for the gig on their wall and tagging your band in the comments for the picture.

    *** Be sure to click on the link (hover over the "THIS POSTER" in the above paragraph) in order for the vote to be properly recorded it has to go on THIS POSTER on the Killer Promotions facebook page ***

    2. We will only count one vote from each friend (multiple votes from the same person will not be counted)

    3. Votes will only be counted if the poster has been shared from THIS POSTER to the voters own Facebook timeline or their friends timelines or a group of their choice - we will check!) If they download the poster and then upload it (rather than sharing from the link provided here, we will not be able to track the votes and they will be lost)

    4. We will only count votes which give a proper clickable link to your bands facebook page. Your friends will have to "like" your page in order to post a clickable link.

    5. Voting closes on 15th October 2014.


    1. Bands must be of a suitable genre for this bill. Please listen online to all three of the other bands before showing an interest in this competition. If in doubt, please ask us if you fit the bill.
    2. Bands must be local (East Anglia) and not have any shows booked locally to The Brickmakers in Norwich for three weeks either side of the 6th November. It makes sense not to overplay in the same area.
    3. You must be available to arrive at the venue no later than 6pm on 6th November 2014.
    4. It won’t cost you anything (other than time and fuel) to play this gig, but please remember that your promotional skills as a band, spreading the word about the gig and getting your friends to come to the gig, will be noted, and may well assist you in getting more gigs through us in the future. You want a good crowd of people to watch you, right?

    Backline will be provided, just bring heads and drum breakables – full details will be made available to the wining band, but if you have any queries in the meantime, please message us on our facebook page

  • 2014-09-09 10:10:03 - The Panic Cell
  • First Thursday of the month at The Brickmakers in Norwich sees a new night of live music. ”The Panic Cell” brings Thrash, Metal and Rock bands to the main stage at this well loved local venue.